Episode 7: The Power of Our Inner Fuel Tank 

Air Date: April 24, 2018

This week we will explore how we care for ourselves impacts our emotions, connect us into our innerforce and supports high performance so that we have more capacity to meet situations in the way we intend.  We are talking about a new definition of self-care and we will explore this notion of how we can attend to ourselves in a new way.   We are calling it our inner fuel tank.  We will be talking about how we can engage in self-care while we work, not thinking about them as two separate acts — self-care versus work.   We will be joined by Adam Klein who is a practicing Integral Coach, Global Graduate Director for New Ventures West and a faculty member of the school who will share his expertise on this topic.   As we learn the impact that taking care of our physical bodies can have on our emotional states, we position ourselves to drive high performance in ourselves and our teams.   This is what being connected to our innerforce is all about.  Join Angela King and Adam Klein to learn how.

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