About the innerforce process

In an ever-connected world, the most important connection we make is the one we cultivate and fuel with ourselves. The key is developing a set of practices that allows us to re-establish this connection continuously throughout our days.

We can learn the skill of self attunement — the ability to sense one’s own current physiological and emotional experience which builds our connection with ourselves. This is not something we automatically know how to do, we have to practice.
We can take up a series of explorations, experiments, and inquiries across our three main centers — head, heart and body — that results in regenerating the state of our inner world and increases our capacity while simultaneously making the unconscious conscious which fuels our transformation.
We can fuel ourselves in a way that builds our capacity to meet situations and each other in the way we intend, driving high performance and creativity in ourselves and our teams. We call it fueling up. We need fuel in order to RISE.

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Each week we will explore a topic and a practice of how to build this connection to our innerforce. With attention, with intention, with practice, the connection to ourselves can begin to feel more direct and more easily accessible. Fan your flickering innerforce into a roaring fire that fuels your vitality to step more fully into your work and your life.