Episode 11: The Power of Restoring Ourselves

Air Date: May 22, 2015

This week we will explore the power of restoring ourselves. We will talk about the process of discovering what actually restores us versus what the cultural norms maintain as restorative. We will explore a breath of different types of sources of nourishment and we will get tactical about how we can access these in the midst of our busy daily lives. We will discuss why it matters and what gets in our way of making it happen. In our New Ventures West Segment we will be joined by Melissa McVicker.

As we learn the power of restoring ourselves, and the impact deep restoration can have in our work and in our lives, we can begin to step into this exploration in a new way which supports us in deepening our connection with ourselves and others. This is what being connected to our innerforce is all about. Join Angela King and Melissa McVicker to learn how.

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Episode 12: The Power of Cultivating Agency

Air Date: May 29, 2018
This week we are talking about the power of cultivating agency in ourselves and each other. We will talk about what agency is and why it matters. We will introduce a simple framework to help us see the agency we have in a situation at work or in our lives. We will review the various parts of the innerforce process that support us in both meeting a situation and seeing our agency in the midst of it. In our New Ventures West segment, we will be joined by Melinda Stephenson who is a certified Integral coach and consultant with over 22 years of experience in human development and who also serves as a member of the New Ventures West faculty. As we learn how to simultaneously hold the difficulty in a situation and cultivate our own agency, we expand our capacity and resiliency to meet the situation and thrive in the midst of it. This is what being connected to our innerforce is all about. Join Angela King and Melinda Stephenson to learn how.



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