Episode 5: The Power of Our Thoughts

Air Date: April 10, 2018
This week we explore the power of our thoughts.
We will discuss how paying attention to our thoughts and the nature of our inner dialogue effects the results we get in our lives and work.  Cultivating the power we have to shift our inner dialogue can fuel our transformation and our energy.   We will get tactical about what helps us connect to our innerforce instead of our inner critic.  Sarita Chawla will join us and bring her expertise on this topic.   She has dedicated the last thirty years towards human development by training hundreds of integral coaches, as well as coaching individuals and executives to bring about effective and enduring transformation. 
As we learn to pay attention to our habitual thought patterns, we can shift our inner dialogue and in doing so, we create more freedom for ourselves in our relationship with ourselves, in our relationship with others, in our work and in our lives.   This is what being connected to our innerforce is all about.  Join Angela King and Sarita Chawla to learn how.   


Episode 6: The Power of Tracking Our Internal States

Air Date: April 17, 2018

This week we will explore how we can more precisely track our internal states.   We will learn how tracking what’s happening in our physical and emotional body can support us in our work and in our relationships and we will learn a specific framework and discuss tactics, including building our mindfulness practice, for doing this more effectively.  We will be joined by Michelle Gale who was formerly the Head of Learning and Leadership Development at Twitter and recently published Mindful Parenting in a Messy World – Living with Presence and Parenting with Purpose.  As we learn to more precisely track our internal states, we build our emotional intelligence skills which support our connection to ourselves and with others.  This is what being connected to our innerforce is all about.  Join Angela King and Michelle Gale to learn how.

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